Making the World Better and Better

Hello everyone! As you may already know, we took a year off to sell our home and relocate to Reno, Nevada. Now that we are all settled, We are back and ready to provide
Silva Method seminars in both California AND Nevada.
To reflect this expansion, we are in the process of changing our name from
Silva Life California
Silva Life West

More News!
Sadly, we had to cancel our current seminar due to the Corona Virus Scare. We will reschedule for this summer.

Give Us 4 Days and your life will become Better and Better!

This 4-Day Immersion Experience with Steven & Josephina is specifically designed to create a deep, lasting and extremely desirable inner transformation - powerful changes, and great feelings about yourself and your world. Yes. Changes. Image changing your life!  
And, it's available soon in Roseville!

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